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Exhibition “Brain Flows for the Flawless”

Spinocerebellar ataxia type-3 (SCA3) is characterized by progressive ataxia and other motor symptoms that drastically limit patients’ life and cause premature death. Previously, as part of a mini project that aimed at disseminating disease knowledge inside the society entitled ‘Less Rare, a dance performance aiming at illustrating the (mal)functioning of the brain in SCA3 patients’ was choreographed and exhibited in several places.
In the FRM2023, a photograph exhibition named “Brain Flows for the Flawless” with moments captured during the dance exhibitions, highlighting movement struggles related to the disease will be presented. We hope to move the public with visual impacting images that will recreate the several stages of the disease.

“Come to visit us and help making Rare diseases to become Less Rare, because Rare deserves to be recognized!”

©Carlos Gomes

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